About R&G Consultants

R&G Consultants is a Division of RB Systems, Inc. RB Systems was founded in 1971 as a computer software house specializing in computer system design, custom programming, forms design and computer operator training and instruction.

The client base for RB Systems was drawn from the Medical, Educational, Governmental, and Labor Union fields.

In 1984 R&G Consultants was formed to market a provider software billing package which was designed and written by RB Systems’ software developers. A service bureau was also started utilizing the same software.

In 1991 the RB Systems programmers modified the billing package to reflect the Medicaid billing needs of school districts participating in the Fee for Service program. Since then R&G has worked to develop the most user friendly, web based Medicaid reimbursement program available. We have done this while holding the line on the cost to our school district clients.

In 2014 R&G began developing the Workload Assist program with the assistance of several Directors from Illinois Special Education Districts. A web based program to allow providers to build their workload, create groups, assign schedules and automatically capture the Medicaid eligible services.

R&G Consultants is committed to providing quality, personal services to each of our clients. Please contact us to discuss the services we can provide to you and your organization.